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Jalopy Source Code Formatter

The powerful and versatile formatting tool for your source code. It currently only supports the Java programming language.

Jalopy layouts any valid source code according to some widely configurable rules—to meet a certain coding style without putting a formatting burden on individual developers.

Main preferences screen

Braces preferences


accurately represents the logical structure of your code. That's the primary purpose of any source code formatting. Indentation, white space and line wrapping are used in a sensible way to show the structure of your code

consistently represents the logical structure of your code. Nearly impossible to achieve manually. Scope levels are always correctly indented, braces and brackets are always found at the same places

improves the readability of your code. Your code layout will always meet the expectations laid out by your team no matter when a file was written or by whom

makes your code withstand modifications. A developer don't have to care anymore whether modifying one line of code may require modifying several others in order to achieve consistency

increases the productivity of your developers. They can concentrate on the design and implementation issues, instead of spending time struggling with the code style. Developers may even write code in whatever style they prefer, formatting it before they submit files to the repository

seamlessly integrates with several popular IDE's. Unlike other tools that often provide only basic integration, Jalopy tightly plugs into the supported applications to make use of all the advanced features that a modern development environment provides

runs on all major platforms that provide a Java runtime. No matter what operating system you prefer, you can always use the same tool to spruce up your source code

Solaris Mac OS X Linux Windows

Jalopy has its roots in the Open Source project with the same name, originally created by the founder of TRIEMAX Software. If you don't have such high requirements towards feature-richness, stability, quality and support, maybe this free software might be a viable alternative for you.

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